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For business matters, you may contact us at 800-774-4927.

Thank you for your interest in L3 Vertex Aerospace. You may contact us by telephone or through the address listed below.

Business Address

Physical Address:
555 Industrial Drive South
Madison, MS  39110
Telephone: 800-774-4927

Visitor Guidelines

Visitors must present a valid form of identification. All visitors must check-in at the main lobby, which is facing I-55 South. Please park in front of the building in the reserved visitor parking near the flagpole. You will need to sign in and receive a temporary/visitor badge.  Security will contact your point of contact to lead you to your destination.

L3 prohibits certain items for the safety and security of our employees and customers, including:

  • Cameras

  • Camera phones, i.e., (Smart phones with cameras permitted, but the camera must be disabled)

  • Tape recorders

  • Tobacco products

  • Portable storage devices (such as thumb drives, pen drives, etc.)

    • If you are making a presentation, please coordinate with your visit host to provide an advance copy via email, or bring the file on a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM will be scanned prior to use.

    • Presentations can also be run from a personal laptop connected to our conference room projection system. If you bring a laptop, the laptop will need to be registered and tagged at the beginning of your visit.

    • Bringing a presentation on pen/thumb drive could cause delays. If you have any questions prior to your visit, please discuss them with your host.

Please note that all visitors who require a non-escort visitor badge must provide proof of citizenship prior to receiving the visitor badge. Acceptable documentation to show proof of citizenship must be a birth certificate, passport, or a JPAS visit request. 

All visitors who do not bring proof of citizenship will require an escort while at the facility.