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Leadership Team
Leadership Team

Douglas Boone, Vice President and General Manager

  • Over 35 years of DoD/Industry experience
  • Lt Col USAF (ret) Deputy Chief SAF/AQIJ
  • 16 years as Senior ISR Program Manger
  • Joined Airborne Technologies Inc. - 2007
  • MBA/BS Chemical Engineering

LeeAnn Battista, VP Manufacturing Operations

  • Over 20 years of DoD/Industry experience
  • 8 yrs with General Dynamics - Chief, Manufacturing Technology
  • 5 yrs with Hewlett Packard - Program Manager,  Prototype Manufacturing
  • 8 yrs with NIITEK Inc. - Director of Programs
  • BS Chemical Engineering / MBA

J.R. Gear, VP Strategic Development

  • Over 27 years of DoD/Industry experience
  • Col USAF (ret) – Director USAF RPA Task Force
  • 9 yrs UAS / 500 MQ-1/9 combat hours
  • U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN)
  • BS Business Administration

Jerry Petersen, VP Technology

  • Over 23 years of Industry experience
  • Co-founder Geneva Aerospace - 1997
  • 7 years with Texas Instruments, Defense Systems & Electronics Group
  • MS/BS Aerospace Engineering

Mark Carlson, Director Contracts

  • Over 30 years of DoD/Federal Civil/Commercial Contracts and Procurement experience
  • 15 years Finance and HR experience
  • 10 years with Northrop Grumman
  • BA History
  • 4-years in USN

Bill McCaffery, Director Quality Assurance

  • Over 30 years of Industry experience
  • Previous employers include Hughes, Northrop, Rockwell and AAI
  • Manned platform system integration experience: F-14, A-6, EA-6B, EF-111, E-2, X-29 and E-8 JSTARS
  • 7+ years with various UAS programs

Tim Summers, Director Test

  • 28 years of DoD/Industry experience
  • CMDR USN (ret), Amphib Task Force Operations OIC
  • MS Engineering Admin/ BS Math
  • Naval Flight Officer, TPS Grad
  • Nuke Weapons Loading Officer, Carrier Air-Wing Strike Leader