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Bristol, PA location specific forms:
QASF List of Quality Assurance Clauses
SRI Supplier Routing Instructions to Bristol, PA
San Diego, CA location specific forms:
QASF-185 Business Partner Quality Assurance Requirements
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CC008 Terms and Conditions
CC009 FAR - Supplement
CC010 DFARS - Supplement
CC011 Commercial Items Under All U.S. Government Contracts
July 2018 Terms and Conditions Change Summary

NOTE TO ALL SUPPLIERS:  Material supplied in support of a Request for Quote or Purchase Order/Subcontract, will be procured only from OEM’s and or Authorized Franchised Distributors for those OEM’s.  Any deviation must be authorized in writing, in advance by the buyer.

Please note that all shipments sent to L3 Telemetry & RF Products must be shipped from any U.S. state.  No International shipments are allowed without explicit written approval by L3 T&RF.

Corporate Procurement Internet Mission Statement:

Suppliers are a valuable and integral part of L3's business enterprise process. A critical strength in supporting our varied customers is through building strong supplier relationships. This relationship is based on open and honest communication, mutual respect and common interests that will allow us to move to the next level of performance excellence. We seek suppliers that are both financially sound and responsive, which are satisfying our customers with top-quality, technically excellent, affordable products, delivered on time.
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