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Too often parts are returned for repair with comments such as “doesn’t work”, “won’t boot” or “inputs bad” which can create delays in our attempt to find the root cause of the problem.  Many times we need to re-create a customer’s set up in order to see the same anomalies that our customer sees.  We request answers to the following questions to aid in prompt repair turnaround and provide the repair engineers information they need.

What is the exact description of the failure?*

What set of operating conditions generates the failure (i.e. at a certain voltage, temperature, altitude, etc.)?*

What tests were performed to confirm the failure?*

Does the unit fail every time it is tested, or is the failure intermittent?*

every time intermittent

The first phase of troubleshooting is to perform a system functional test. This will require L3 to power on the unit and perform a basic test at ambient temperature. Please indicate if this is acceptable or not:*

yes no
(If no, you will be contacted by a Customer Support representative before an RMA # is issued)

Are there any other special instructions or information that can be provided to assist in isolating the problem?

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If further information or assistance is needed please contact our Customer Support dept. at 1-800-351-8483, ext.# 2
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