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Product Training

L3Harris T&RF is equipped with several training facilities where we offer comprehensive instruction to operators, programmers, project engineers, and system administrators on how to best utilize our products.

Courses on all our major products emphasize "hands-on" training and are taught in an intimate classroom environment by instructors with real-world experience.  We can also design training programs tailored to your program specifications or provide advanced applications assistance with an L3Harris Telemetry & RF Products Applications Engineer.

Like all of our Customer Support services, flexibility is at the core of our training curriculum. Every class we teach, every program we customize can be presented at our training facilities or directly at your site.

  • InControl – Satellite Command and Control Software

To register for training, please contact us:
9020 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: 800.351.8483
Email: Support.TRF@L3Harris.com