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Advance-Turn-Around Program

The L3 T&RF Advance-Turn-Around Program (ATA) provides fast solutions to field repair problems. We’ll send a replacement sub-assembly part to you when you notify us of a malfunction with your L3 product. The following sequence and terms apply to each replacement made under this policy:

  • The malfunction must first be verified with the L3 T&RF Customer Support Department.
  • Replacement for products under factory warranty will be replaced at no charge.
  • A replacement for a product out of warranty will be billed in accordance with the current Customer Support ATA Price List.
  • The advanced replacement part will be sent after receipt of a Purchase Order hard copy and the serial number of the unit is provided into which the ATA part will be installed.
  • Install the replacement part according to the User Manual for the product and verify its correct operation.
  • Defective parts must be returned to L3 T&RF Products no later than fifteen (15) days after receipt of the replacement.

If the defective part is not received at an L3 T&RF facility within fifteen (15) days after shipment of the replacement the full purchase price of the replacement part per current L3 Price Catalog will be billed to you, regardless of the product’s warranty status. Failure to honor this invoice may preclude you for future ATA agreements. The full purchase price will also be billed if the defective part is irreparable because of customer-caused damage or negligence.

NOTE: Replacement parts used in this ATA program may be refurbished or new.