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Information Assurance/COMSEC

L3Harris T&F offers flight-proven IA/COMSEC products that support a wide variety of mission requirements for both commercial and U.S. DoD customers.  With over 30 years of COMSEC design and embedment history, L3Harris T&RF is a recognized leader in providing Government approved Suite A and Suite B products for DoD and/or CNSSP-12 applications. 

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Complete List of Information Assurance/COMSEC Solutions
CDU-200 – Command Decryption Unit MDU-131 – Miniature Decryption Unit
MCU-110C - Miniature COMSEC Unit MDU-136/CDU-106 – Centurion Decryption Unit
MEU-121 – Miniature Encryption Unit MRA-700 – Medium Rate AES
MCU-600 – COMSEC/TRANSEC Processor HPIU – Hosted Payload Interface Unit  - NEW

CDU-200 – Command Decryption Unit
The CDU-200 is an integrated decryptor unit securing uplink data and providing command authentication in a small and lightweight housing. Utilizing an AES-256 algorithm, there are CDU configurations to address SECRET and BELOW (SAB) or CNSSP-12 applications.

MCU-110C - Miniature COMSEC Unit
The MCU-110C is an integrated encryptor/decryptor providing secure uplink and downlink protection for satellite communications links. The MCU-110C utilizes Suite A algorithms and is an update to the legacy MCU-110B, which features 100% on-orbit success with over 150 units delivered.  

MEU-121 – Miniature Encryption Unit
The MEU-121 is a flight-qualified unit utilizing a Government approved Suite A algorithm in a compact form factor.  Very similar to the MCU-110C, it provides secure downlink protection. 

MCU-600 – COMSEC/TRANSEC Processor
The MCU-600 (CTP) is a secure satellite command and telemetry product utilizing Government approved algorithms for TT&C and payload protection.  Provided in internally redundant “slices” for enhanced reliability, it supports 15-year missions providing encryption, decryption and TRANSEC in a modular architecture.  

MDU-131 – Miniature Decryption Unit
Miniature decryption unit- providing uplink Pegasus decryption in a single, small, lightweight housing unit.

MDU-136/CDU-106 – Centurion Decryption Unit
Centurion decryption unit - provides security capabilities for commercial and civil satellite communications links. The MDU-136/CDU-106 are used to secure uplink data and commands utilizing the Centurion device and is reviewed and approved for exportable applications. 

MRA-700 – Medium Rate AES
The MRA-700 is our latest AES-256 based integrated encryptor/decryptor.  It provides secure uplink and downlink protection for satellite command, telemetry, crosslink or payload links.  Radiation hardened for GEO environments, it will be certified for both TSAB applications as well as commercial satellites requiring compliance with CNSSP-12.    

hpi HPIU – Hosted Payload Interface Unit - NEW
The Hosted Payload Interface Unit utilizes Suite A approved algorithms to provide an Information Assurance boundary between a host spacecraft and a hosted payload.  The IA boundary provides proper separation of trusted (red) and untrusted (black) information.  Currently utilizing an embedded MCU-110B COMSEC unit, external COMSEC options are available utilizing the new MCU-110C, or the MRA-700 for foreign or domestic applications.