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Data Acquisition

L3 Telemetry & RF Products (L3 T&RF) offers a line of flight-proven PCM encoders Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) for virtually any application where sensor data needs to be monitored and transmitted to a remote location is needed. Our DAS solutions offer a wide variety of aircraft flight test products ranging from simple encoder/transmitter systems to large-scale master/remote DAS. Customers include large aircraft contractor on commercial programs, and aerospace contractors and government agencies on critical military programs.

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Complete List of DAS Solutions
DAS DAS Set-up and Control
NetDAS- Signal Conditioning & Encoder DAS VistaTEC ™- Software Overview
  NetDAS Modules    
PCM330E– Sub-miniature PCM Encoder DAS    
Complete Data Acquisition System (DAS) providing comprehensive signal conditioning and encoding functions where size, performance and cost are critical and environmental conditions are severe
Vista TEC
Integrated solution that supports airborne DAS and encoding to ground support units and ground station systems
Fourth-generation, subminiature programmable data acquisition system
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