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Information Assurance/COMSEC

L3 Telemetry & RF Products (L3 T&RF) offers unique, modular products consisting of a PCM encoders and S-Band transmitters used in projectile test applications. Our COMSEC/Encryption products can be modified to accommodate virtually any requirement and can be physically repackaged to meet a wide variety of form factors, depending on installation needs.

For more information/demo on any of the products below, please contact us.

Information Assurance/COMSEC
ISM-1000 – Instrumentation Support Module
ISM1000 is a complete telemetry data encryption unit designed  for launch vehicle and weapon systems flight test use.  It is designed to integrate the KGV-135A encryptor device into an airborne digital data system.
KGR-135A– Rack-mounted Decryptor
KGR-135A is a rack-mounted telemetry decryption device suitable for use in a telemetry ground receiving station.
LIM-135A– Loader Interface Module
Electronic COMSEC key device.
SP10-135A – Encryption Support Package
SP10-135A is a complete telemetry data encryption unit designed primarily for aircraft flight test use.
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