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Trust the accuracy and agility of SPYDR.

L3 ISR Systems (L3 ISR) is a world-class systems integration organization with nearly 60 years of experience in developing complex Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems, command and control systems, and secure communications for the global military market. L3 ISR covers the spectrum of capabilities from sophisticated, front-line, airborne ISR systems to the latest line of small, turboprop, multi-INT aircraft.The company is part of the ISR Systems Sector within L3.

L3 ISR’s platforms have a proven record of operational readiness upon delivery. No other provider has delivered one aircraft every 13 days operational to the field, generating actionable intelligence that saved lives on day one. L3 ISR employees take great pride in making a difference every day – providing greater than 97% operational mission availability to service men and women.

Why choose L3 ISR:

Best-value solutions

  • Rapidly matures technology from concept to operational system
  • Spiral development approach enables phased technology insertion
  • Infrastructure and team ready for immediate and sustained operations
  • Proven Contractor Owned - Contractor Operated alternative for providing ISR services

Rapid delivery and deployment

  • Investments in people, infrastructure and process enable rapid processing and delivery
  • Unsurpassed knowledge, spanning multiple programs, of integrating ISR systems and technologies on manned airborne platforms, ensuring maximum efficiency and unrivaled responsiveness to customer needs

Proven performance

  • Leads manned ISR industry in providing lower-risk, multi-mission, end-to-end solutions
  • Global supply chain in place to support total life cycle operations

ISR Leader

  • Innovator in spiral technology development to meet customers’ changing needs
  • Investor in leading technology that defines the ISR enterprise