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CIRUS-A — High-Performance FOG IMU

  • Leveraging 50 years of design experience and proven reliability for systems deployed in space, we have designed the CIRUS Compact Inertial Reference Unit as a next-generation system built on our strategic-grade heritage. The CIRUS-A Inertial Measurement Unit delivers strategic grades of performance combined with the benefits of small size and low cost in one integrated chassis.
  • The CIRUS-A systems features three Fiber-Optic Gyro (FOG) sensors with three accelerometers integrated with industrial-grade electronic components in a durable package.
  • The CIRUS-A can also be configured with radiation-hardened components, if required
  • Applications include:
    • Platform/gimbal stabilization
    • Pointing
    • Missile guidance systems
    • Vehicle/platform navigation
    • Northfinder applications