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Company History

Space & Navigation was acquired in December 1999 by L3, a premier supplier of guidance and control products for air, land, sea and space applications.

The heritage of the Space & Navigation division lies with The Bendix Corporation (1924) and the Bendix Aviation Corporation (1929), founded by Vincent Bendix with the acquisition of a number of companies. Two of these companies, the Eclipse Machine Company (1902) and the Pioneer Instrument Company (1919), are the foundation of the present Space & Navigation business.

In May 2003, the division was relocated from Teterboro, New Jersey (headquarters since 1939) to its current facility in Budd Lake, New Jersey. L3Harris Space & Navigation has manufactured millions of aircraft indicators, control devices, gyroscopes, and other precision inertial navigation & guidance systems for missile, ground vehicle and space applications. Customers include all U.S. DoD prime contractors, the U.S. military (Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy), NASA, various other aerospace and OEM-type corporations, and a variety of international armies and navies.

In the space market, L3Harris Space & Navigation has been a significant force since the early days of the U.S. manned space program, providing:

  • Inertial guidance system for the Saturn launch vehicle, which guided the Apollo and Skylab missions into orbit
  • Pointing and attitude control system for the Hubble Space Telescope, a breakthrough system with unparalleled performance and reliability
  • Guidance system for the Delta launch vehicle family of Control Moment Gyros for the Space Station
  • Gyro assemblies and momentum wheel assemblies for the IRIDIUM™ satellites
  • Gyros for the Commercial Remote, Sensing Satellite (CRSS)

L3 S&N is also a key supplier of precision pointing and land navigation systems, fire control and digital battlefield solutions, and integrated fire control systems for the global market.