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Consoles and Controls

The baseline Sonoma Operator Control Console is a workstation console developed to support extended surveillance missions utilizing the Sonoma 2111XTM and 2514XTM. The Sonoma mission system includes:

  • Single monitor containing all video and turret controls
  • An operator joystick for manual turret control
  • A control console providing the most-used controls
  • Moving map system for "point and shoot" geo-pointing
  • Automated DVD recording
  • Interfaces to the turret
  • Power and video distribution system
  • Power supplies, cables and other ancillary items to reduce operator workload and to maximize information content for the test operator

The baseline workstation is allows for display of the:

  • Look-Around-Zoom (LAZ) Camera
  • Infrared Camera
  • Visible Spotter (high magnification) Camera
  • Image seen by the Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

A video display is also provided for the pilot which can display either the map or primary video source.

The Sonoma mission system can be customized to support other products and provide additional information as required by the customer. Please contact Sonoma EO for available options.

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