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Sonoma 1508™ DragonEyes™

Provides Tactical Overwatch Capability

L3 Sonoma EO's 1508M DragonEyesTM provides wide area tactical overwatch/critical event monitoring for airborne mission commanders and up to 10 ground-based users. DragonEyes combines world-class stabilization with 4k x 4k (16 MB) MWIR imagery. DragonEyes is the ideal solution for tactical overwatch on fixed-wing, rotary-wing, UAV or Aerostat aircraft.

Features and Benefits

    Tactical Overwatch Capabilities

  • 1 km x 1 km overwatch from 15 kft AGL with 7.5 Hz update
  • Fully Integrated Mission Planning and Mapping

  • IronVision™ software provides mission planning, waypoint selection and chipout designation Ortho and geo-rectified Small Form Factor/Low SWAP
  • MX-15HDiTM installation compatible
  • 10 Configurable Outputs
  • FMV streaming chipouts for dismount and vehicle tracking
  • End-user, web-based output control
  • Data Link Ready:

  • ROVER, Vortex, CDML, TCDL, KuSS/kA Compatible with Existing Mission C2 Systems
  • TORCH, Orion, VISR, CLAW
  • 10 x H.264 video streams
  • Linked to SIGINT cues
  • Slew-to-Cue for Multiple Turret Installations

  • MX-15HDiTM installation compatible, superior 24/7 Proven
  • Reliability

  • Ruggedized design protects against severe cold, heat and corrosion
  • High TRL turret built on fielded equipment
  • Situational Awareness

  • 16 Megapixel Mid-Wavelength IR provides superior situational awareness, day or night
  • Multi-Target Tracking

  • Moving target indicator follows moving vehicles and dismounts
Turret Specifications
Dimensions Weight Power Stability
15.5" D x 18.95” H 109 lb. +28 VDC (± 10%) at 250 W (typical) 1050 W (maximum) <5 μrad rms

Payload Specifications
HD MWIR Infrared Imager: Pixels Sensor: Wavelength: Field of View (h)1
4096 x 4096 HD MWIR
3 μm to 5 μm 11.4º x 11.4º

System Specifications
Turret: Video Processing Unit: Hand Controllers: Cables: Environmental:
≤109 l.b

15.5" (D)
18.95" (H)


28 VDC
250 W (typical)
1050 W (Max)

30 lb.

4.9" (W)
9" (H)
14" (D)

220 W (typical), 320 W (maximum)

EIA 19" rack
2U H

2.2 lb.

4.25" (W)
8.97" (L)
3" (D)

3.5 W (typical), 5 W (maximum)

EIA 19" rack
1.5U H

Consult factory for available variants MIL-STD-461
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