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Stabilization and Geo-location

Industry leading technology

Our stabilization solution is closely coupled to the precision geo-location solution. By integrating the IMU and GPS data, we deliver unmatched geo-location through robust kalman filter, hardware and software execution excellence.


Stabilizing the camera and lens system reduces image jitter, maximizing image quality to the user to ensure mission success. Eliminating blur from the pixels makes the difference in making time-sensitive decisions. Modern turret systems integrate multi-laser systems and imaging sensors – simultaneous stabilization of the optical bench ensures these sensors are pointed to the same place at the same time. L3 Sonoma EO turrets deliver superior stabilization performance through the use of the patented, Crossed-Multiple Axis Stabilization Technology (X-MAST™), a five-axis system comprised of the following:

  • Inner-Axis: Three internally-stabilized axes are mounted on soft rubber isolators that limit mechanical shock and vibration to the sensor heads, improving sensor reliability and life. A precision Inertial Measurement Unit is mounted on the Inner-Axis, increasing measurement accuracy in detecting angular motions and linear accelerations.

  • Outer-Axis: Two external, non-stabilized outer axes provide azimuth and elevation motion and field-of-regard positioning of the stabilized inner axis. The outer-axis hosts the windows and environmental seals, keeping the optics and sensors safely shielded from the external environment.

These systems work together under servo-loop control. The inner and outer systems articulate independently of each other. Any aerodynamic torques or vibration inputs acting on the outer turret do not directly affect the sensor payload. This approach enables L3 Sonoma EO turrets to routinely demonstrate superior stabilization performance under a variety of extreme environmental conditions.

Precision Geo-pointing and Target Location

The internal Inertial Measurement Unit inherent in X-MAST™ enables autonomous geo-pointing and precise target location capabilities. When combined with an internal GPS receiver and an on-board inertial navigation system, the system precisely points to air, ground and surface locations. Inertial data is blended with an independent platform-sourced position and velocity data in a sophisticated Kalman filter which continuously estimates both navigation and low-level inertial sensor errors. The X-MAST™ approach directly eliminates error sources introduced by off-payload navigation solutions, delivering world-class pointing accuracy and geo-estimation critical to long-range surveillance and target acquisition.
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