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Custom Capabilties

L3 Sonoma EO turrets may be customized to accept a myriad of customer-furnished sensors

Tested and proven – L3 Sonoma EO’s turrets provide a convenient solution for customers looking to mount their sensor in a trusted stabilized turret system can work with your team to rapidly configure a solution for your specific application.

Key Features

  • Patented X-MAST™ precision stabilization and Soft-Ride™ integrated shock mounting provides 5-axis stability to the entire optical bench. Provides better than 2 μrads of jitter under a variety of conditions
  • IMU-inside technology with integrated INS and GPS receiver for precision geo-location and geo-pointing
  • State-of-the-art for IMU-based stabilization provides precision location accuracy. Facilitates GEO-pointing, GEO-location, and GEO-focus
  • Increased sensor reliability
  • Excellent boresight retention
  • Single LRU system
  • Large usable volume for custom payloads, 20” and 25” systems available
  • Optional VPU Controller/Advanced Video Processor Unit
  • Optional operator console
  • Demonstrated ability to carry Up to 125 lb. payload mass (including counterbalance)
  • The ideal stabilized platform for advanced sensors


  • Fast track your technology and get it flying
  • Reduce program risk with proven technology


  • Designed for a variety of missions:
    • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
    • Counter-IED/Counter-Terrorism
    • Persistent Surveillance
    • Mine Detection
    • Classified Missions
  • Flying on numerous platforms:
    • Egret
    • DC-3
    • 737
    • Twin Otter
    • Caravan
    • WB-57
    • Citation
    • C-12
    • Proteus

Once your requirements are understood, custom applications are quickly and effectively analyzed and developed by our knowledgeable, extensive and experienced technical staff. Sonoma will recommend a configuration and build a 1200M, 1800X, 2100X, or 2500X series turret with custom modifications for your sensor package.

The L3 Sonoma team has years of experience in the integration of several sensors beyond our normal offerings.

Unmatched stabilization, modular designs, and exceptional customer support are just a few of the advantages of working with L3 Sonoma. Contact us today for more information.

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