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Our Commitment

L3 Sonoma EO (L3 Sonoma) is committed to the success of customers and system operators. This includes the full range of interaction and consultation, including:

  • Initial contact
  • Customizing unique statements of work
  • Assisting with the procurement process
  • Planning on-site repairs and replacement parts management
  • Throughout the project life-cycle, Sonoma provides the skills and capabilities to ensure program success for all stakeholders

A prime example is our work with the various research and development labs around the country. We are able to take unique or highly developmental sensors and integrate them into an ultra-stabilized platform, ready for flight or movement, as part of our normal business model. We have also adapted our Maintenance and Overhaul line to create a CONUS repair facility. We currently provide support for all Sonoma systems, regardless of the site of origin. Our DoD Series turret repair and turnaround times have been dramatically reduced by having a readily available U.S. center of EO/IR excellence.

We are able to meet the needs of multiple simultaneous government and commercial programs demands the capabilities of a world-class logistics organization. The L3 Sonoma culture ensures consistent customer interaction, exceptional performance, and high availability throughout the life of a program.

L3 Sonoma EO is far more than just an EO/IR provider…we are an engaged, committed EO/IR partner.

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