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AEW Antennas

L3 Randtron Antenna Systems has designed and manufactured the Rotodome Antenna Group for the E-2 program for over 45 years.

E-2C Hawkeye

The OE-335A/A Total Radiation Aperture Control (TRAC-A) Airborne Early Warning (AEW) antenna group is mounted on top of the carrier-based E-2C Hawkeye and the land-based P-3 AEW aircraft. This antenna group consists of a 24-foot, rotating, aerodynamic radome housing a UHF surveillance RADAR antenna array, IFF antenna array and other auxiliary antennas.

The TRAC-A RADAR antenna provides extremely low sidelobes that helps to reduce clutter and jammer threats. The low sidelobe level is obtained by the precise amplitude and phase control of the dipole elements arranged in a broadside array. The complexity of this antenna required that the design be accomplished by extensive computer analysis in taking mutual coupling and radome effects into account. For over thirty-five years, TRAC-A antenna group has proven to be both a reliable and capable AEW solution for both domestic and foreign fleets. Randtron continues to support the user community by offering depot services and feature/function upgrades both in the field and at the L3 Randtron Antenna Systems manufacturing facility.

E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

The OE-585/A antenna group was designed for an E-2D Advanced Hawkeye installation and has been fielded for nearly 10 years. This state-of-the art AEW antenna incorporates a broadside end-fire linear radar array with a co-located/co-aligned IFF linear array. This antenna group supports both mechanical and electronic azimuth scan. The radar and IFF antenna subsystems are housed in a 24-foot diameter radome of a fiberglass/graphite composite construction. Radome construction utilizes state-of-the art processing techniques resulting in a strong yet lightweight structure.

L3 Randtron Antenna Systems has also designed, manufactured, and is delivering the Hawkeye Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) antenna system. The CEC is a real-time sensor netting system that enables high-quality situational awareness and integrated fire control capability. It is designed to enhance the anti-air warfare (AAW) capability of U.S. Navy ships, U.S. Navy aircraft and U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Composite Tracking Network (CTN) units by the netting of geographically dispersed sensors to provide a single integrated air picture, thus enabling Integrated Fire Control to destroy increasingly capable threat cruise missiles and aircraft. The CEC antenna array incorporates 96, electronically steerable, end-fire elements into a conformal enclosure on the belly of the E-2 to ensure secure communication and engagement survivability across the fleet.

L3 Randtron has supplied the fleet with these antennas since 1972 and will provide our continued support well into the future.