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Division history of L3 Waco

L3 ISR Systems Waco has been known by several names in its 30+ years of operations. Originally, the facility was built in 1984 to serve as a one-hangar overflow facility for the Richardson, Texas-based Electrospace Systems, Inc. (ESI), which had been leasing space at Dallas' Love Field for aircraft modification. However, Love Field was space-constrained and the company needing more hangar space, ESI looked for a site with air access and the potential of hangars. 

Electrospace Systems couldn't find a location with available hangars, but it did find the former Connally Air Force Base in Waco, now Texas State Technical College (TSTC). The college had available land and ESI agreed to lease land and build its own hangar capable of housing a 747-sized aircraft. That building, known as Hangar 7400, was the first of what has become a large complex at the TSTC Airport.

ESI eventually was acquired by the Chrysler Corporation in 1987, and in 1989, the Waco facility became known as Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems, Inc., or CTAS. During the ESI days, many of the engineers who worked programs at Waco commuted from the Richardson or Love Field, all the employees who supported aircraft programs were assigned to the Waco site when CTAS was formed in 1989. It would be 1996 when, during a major merger and acquisition movement in the defense industry, Chrysler sold its defense assets to Raytheon Company, which eventually renamed the unit Raytheon Aircraft Integration Systems. Waco was paired with another Raytheon unit in Greenville, Texas and in March of 2002, that unit was sold to the growing defense company L3.

The Waco facility has modified numerous aircraft of more than 80 types. From the nation's most advanced command-and-control aircraft to luxurious widebody jets for international heads-of-state, the L3 facility in Waco has produced aircraft recognized throughout the world.

The company employs hundreds of full-time, government and contract employees who regularly work at the facility and live in the area. L3 Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: LLL) is a Fortune 500 company and member of the S&P 500.  

L3 ISR Systems Waco Timeline

1984 Construction begins on company's first hangar at Texas State Technical College Airport
1985 First aircraft arrives and Electrospace Systems, Inc. (ESI) begins Waco operations
1987 Electrospace Systems, Inc. sold to Chrysler Corporation
1989 Waco operation re-named Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems, Inc. (CTAS)
1996 Raytheon purchases defense assets of Chrysler, including CTAS
2002 Raytheon Aircraft Integration Systems sold to L-3 Communications, renamed L3 Integrated Systems (L-3 IS)
2009 L-3 establishes Aerospace Systems Waco division
2015 L-3 IS renamed L3 Aerospace Systems (L3 AS); L-3 Aerospace Systems Waco remains a division within
L-3 AS
2016 L-3 Communications changes name to L3 Technologies, Inc.
2018 L3 Aerospace Systems combines with Sensor Systems to form the new L3 Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems Segment. L3 Waco is now part of L3 ISR Systems.