L3 Technologies
Remora - Fast Reconnaissance AUV

L3's Remora™ autonomous underwater vehicle provides unsurpassed detection and tracking of midget submarines in even the shallowest waters. For easy tracking, Remora lets you home in on the target acoustically and identify it optically. The system then "tags" the target on command. From that point on, you dont have to worry about losing the target because it now reports its location to you � constantly!


• Handles fast-moving targets and high currents
• Small, lightweight and can be deployed from any surface or subsurface platform, helicopter or maritime patrol aircraft
• Can be controlled from a variety of surface, subsurface or aircraft platforms
• Delivers live feedback of images and acoustic sensor data
• Built-in intelligence for automatic operation; can be overridden by the operator
• Clear optical images for identification / classification in all conditions
• Remote feedback and control via surface buoy radio


• Remora features fully automatic operation from launch to target. A bidirectional fiber-optic link provides a two-camera, real-time video link to the remote operator, who can manually override any Remora control.
• Remora's streamlined design, along with vectored thrust propulsion and steering, results in stable, controlled operation � even in high currents and turbulent waters.
• Rugged design and construction allows deploymentfrom surface ships, subsurface craft, helicopters, RHIBs and any GPS-equipped platform.
• On command, Remora "tags" the target with an acoustic pinger to facilitate tracking and relocation. A magnetic mechanism ensures the integrity of the "tag."
• L3's new special thruster design and high-power electric motor propel the Remora to speeds over 20 knots � enough to handle any current up to 6 knots while performing necessary target maneuvers.
• Advanced low-light video cameras generate real-time, clear optical images of the target.
• Remora uses a proven radio link to send live images to, and provide control from, a remote facility.
• GPS navigation on the surface buoy, short baseline acoustic positioning and a Doppler velocity log ensure absolute positional accuracy at all times.


• Fully automatic operation � typically hands-off from launch to target identification
• Multiple payloads available
• Rugged and reliable
• Fast � up to 20 knots