L3 Technologies
Reelable Towed Array Sonar Systems

L3 Ocean Systems' Reelable Towed Array Sonar System (RTASS) leverages the proven technology of the U.S. Navy's TB-23 series submarine thinline towed array. RTASS employs highly sensitive passive hydrophones arranged within a small-diameter flexible hose that is towed behind a submerged submarine to detect, localize and pursue submarines in all types of environments.

Incorporated in the sonar system are the most modern towed array acoustic engineering advancements available, including digital technology,
improved hydrodynamic performance and wide-bandwidth telemetry. Modular in design, the RTASS can be tailored to fit the most specific operational requirements. When not in use, the array can be reeled onto a capstan located on the submarine.

The TB-23 towed array is towed behind the submarine's own self-noise, greatly improving search effectiveness while minimally impacting the sub's performance.

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L3 Ocean Systems is a certified USN depot of towed arrays and has built more U.S. Navy Thinline Towed Array systems than any other company. Almost all U.S. Navy submarines carry at least one towed array built and supported by Ocean Systems. Our facilities for array fabrication and testing are established and proven. High customer satisfaction has been a hallmark of Ocean Systems due to the quality and reliability of our arrays.