L3 Technologies
ASW Systems
LFATS VDS-100 - Variable Depth Sonar System
The VDS-100 is a low frequency, variable depth, active sonar system used on surface ships to detect, localize and pursue all types of submarines.
HS-100/HS-200 - Multifunction, Hull-Mounted Sonar
The HS-100 is a compact, long-range, multifunction, hull-mounted sonar.
HELRAS DS-100 - Helicopter Long-Range Active Sonar
The Helicopter Long-Range Active Sonar (HELRAS) DS-100 has proven to be the highest performance helicopter dipping sonar in the world.
AQS-18A - Mid-Frequency Dipping Sonar System
The AQS-18A is a mid-frequency helicopter dipping sonar system designed for active, long-range search, localization and attack of submarines in both shallow and deep water environments.
AQS-18(V)-5 - Dipping Sonar System
The AQS-18(V)-5 is a helicopter-borne dipping sonar.

AQS-18(V)-3 - Dipping Sonar System
The AQS-18(V)-3 is the export version of the latest AQS-13F U.S. Navy helicopter-borne dipping sonar.

AN/AQS-13F - Dipping Sonar System
The AN/AQS-13F is the U.S. Navy's best inner zone ASW sensor.
Reelable Towed Array Sonar Systems
The Reelable Towed Array Sonar System (RTASS) leverages the proven technology of the U.S. Navy's TB-23 series submarine thinline towed array.
Remora - Fast Reconnaissance AUV
L3's Remora autonomous underwater vehicle provides unsurpassed detection and tracking of midget submarines in even the shallowest waters.
Mine Warfare Systems
Mark 8x - Expendable Mine Destructor
The Mark 8x Expendable Mine Destructor (Mk 8x EMD) vehicle is a small, self-propelled weapon for the destruction of bottom and moored mines.

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