L3 Technologies
Mark 8x - Expendable Mine Destructor

The Mark 8x Expendable Mine Destructor (Mk 8x EMD) vehicle is a small, self-propelled weapon for the destruction of bottom and moored mines. The Mk 8x features fully automatic operation from launch to target impact or neutralization. A bidirectional fiber-optic link provides a two-camera, real-time video for the operator, who can manually override any Mk 8x control.

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The unit's rugged, streamlined design allows deployment from surface ships, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB), with speeds of up to 12 knots to the target. A choice of warheads ranges from certified bulk and shaped charges to advanced designs. A special reusable training/surveillance version provides even longer ranges and rechargeable batteries. This added endurance allows efficient identification missions over vast volumes of water.

The Mark 8x EMD system works in challenging operational environments, including turbid currents and poor visibility. Total ownership cost is low due to minimal training requirements. The Mk 8x is compatible with all available mine countermeasures platforms.