L3 Technologies
HELRAS DS-100 - Helicopter Long-Range Active Sonar

The Helicopter Long-Range Active Sonar (HELRAS) DS-100 has been demonstrated to be the highest-performance helicopter dipping sonar in the world. The wet end comprises a descending vertical transmit array of seven projector elements and a receive array of eight hydraulically driven arms that expand to a diameter of 2.6 meters when deployed.

The DS-100 is capable of operating at depths to 500 meters and has Figure Of Merit (FOM) sufficient to achieve second convergence zone detection in deep water and unparalleled direct path coverage. Low-strength targets moving at slow speeds are detected through the use of high-resolution Doppler processing and long shaped pulses. Extended duration wide bandwidth FM pulses (up to 5 seconds) are available to detect the near-zero Doppler target as well.

The low (1.38 kHz) active center frequency designed into the DS-100 using proprietary transducer and beam-forming technologies, allows multiple boundary interactions, reduced reverberation contamination of the received signals, and interoperability with shipboard sonars and sonobuoys in bistatic or multistatic employment.

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In addition to its long-range surveillance and search capabilities, the DS-100 is well-suited to redetection, target localization and weapon delivery against deep and shallow water targets. The sonar system is fully compatible with MIL-STD-1553B databus architectures and its advanced reeling machine evolved from the field-proven AQS-13/18 series.