L3 Technologies
AQS-18(V)-3 - Dipping Sonar System

The AQS-18(V)-3 is the export version of the latest AQS-13F U.S. Navy helicopter-borne dipping sonar. The long-range active scanning sonar employs a transducer lowered into the water from a hovering helicopter to detect and maintain contact with underwater targets and to provide target classification clues. Active echo-ranging determines a target's range, bearing and opening or closing rate relative to the aircraft's position.

Incorporated into the AQS-18(V)-3 are sonar engineering advancements, including digital technology, improved signal processing, extensive use of hybrid integrated circuits and upgraded operator displays. The Adaptive Processor Sonar (APS) increases detection capabilities in shallow waters
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and reverberation-limited conditions, while essentially eliminating false alarms from the video display.The APS is a digital processor that uses Fast Fourier Transform techniques to provide a narrowband analysis of the uniquely shaped CW pulse, and to improve operation in non-reverberant conditions more typical of deep water.

The AQS-18(V)-3 dipping sonar is specifically designed for ASW helicopters which are often required to search in inherently difficult locations such as shallow water high-noise areas, coastal regions, constrained passages, high-density shipping lanes and areas of concentrated naval activity.