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AN/AQS-13F - Dipping Sonar System

The AN/AQS-13F is the U.S. Navy's best inner zone ASW sensor. The long-range, active scanning sonar detects and maintains contact with underwater targets through a transducer lowered into the water from a hovering helicopter. The system provides target classification clues and can accurately determine opening or closing rates of moving targets. Active echo-ranging determines the target's range and bearing.

The AN/AQS-13F has been designed to provide rapid tactical response against the most advanced submarine threats. High-speed reeling allows a dip, cycled to maximum depth to be completed within 3.5 minutes, while the azimuth and range indicator and receiver provide a video display for the operator.

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The system's Sonar Data Computer (SDC) uses digital processor techniques. This enhances detection capabilities in shallow water and reverberation-limited conditions while essentially eliminating false alarms from the video display. The higher energy transmitted with the longer pulse SDC mode, combined with the narrowband analysis, substantially improves the figure of merit in non-reverberant conditions more typical of deep water operation as well.