L3 Technologies
Airborne Systems
AN/AQS-13F - Dipping Sonar System
The AN/AQS-13F is the U.S. Navy's best inner zone ASW sensor.

AQS-18(V)-3 - Dipping Sonar System
The AQS-18(V)-3 is the export version of the latest AQS-13F U.S. Navy helicopter-borne dipping sonar.

AQS-18(V)-5 - Dipping Sonar System
The AQS-18(V)-5 is a helicopter-borne dipping sonar.
AQS-18A - Mid-Frequency Dipping Sonar System
The AQS-18A is a mid-frequency helicopter dipping sonar system designed for active, long-range search, localization and attack of submarines in both shallow and deep water environments.
HELRAS DS-100 - Helicopter Long-Range Active Sonar
The Helicopter Long-Range Active Sonar (HELRAS) DS-100 has proven to be the highest performance helicopter dipping sonar in the world.

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