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Navigation Display System (NDS) - Overview

The NDS project is responsible for the delivery and support of an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) for the navigation of Royal Australian Navy (RAN) vessels under the Australian Defence Force project SEA 1430 Phase 2A.

Introduction of this capability replaces the use of paper charts for navigation of RAN ships. This capability will improve navigation safety and efficiency of RAN operations, as well as streamline maritime planning at headquarters level.

L3 Oceania is the prime contractor and systems integrator for the SEA 1430 Phase 2A program, and has subcontracted Offshore Systems Limited (OSL, Canada) to supply the ECDIS systems..

The RAN ECDIS, known as the Navigation Display System (NDS) displays electronic charts, navigational information and the ship's position in real time, on a visual display unit / monitor. It provides a powerful situation awareness and decision making tool on the bridge by combining satellite and other position fixing information with ship's sensors and a sophisticated electronic database of charting and other navigation information.