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SAR data sheet
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Submarine and Surfaceship Acoustic Range (SAR)

L3 Oceania develops sophisticated solutions to measure and communicate data through water. The
company specialises in applications involving underwater test and evaluation and through-water communications.

The Submarine Acoustic signature measurement Range (SAR) is based on an application recently provided to one of our customers.

SAR is an ultra-low noise acoustic measurement range incorporating co-operative tracking and highly automated data analysis and management software.

SAR can measure the signatures of submarine and surface vessels. It is a fixed installation comprising a submerged hydrophone array and electronics bottle connected via a fixed underwater cable to a control centre housed in a shore range centre.

For submarines SAR employs the Submarine Tracking System (STS) developed for other related L3 Oceania signature measurement systems. STS provides in water range measurement to provide a highly accurate input to the acoustic sound pressure level (ASPL) calculation. STS also provides information on the platform’s current operating state.


  • Two man system operation

  • Capture acoustic data in the band 2.5 Hz to 45 kHz

  • Calibrated to within ±1 dB within the band 5 Hz to 40 kHz

  • Array gain is up to 15 dB

  • Tracking using the Submarine Tracking System (STS) for submarines or GPS Rovers for surface vessels

  • > 50 hour continuous recording capacity (depending only on disk space)

  • Signature results and a ranging summary are calculated in-situ

  • Near real time feedback of ranging results