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Ranges Overview
Acoustic Susceptibility Assessment Command Tool (ASACT)
Portable Acoustic Sonobuoy Range (PASOR)
Submarine and Surfaceship Acoustic Range (SAR)

Ranges Overview

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L3 Oceania has significant experience in the design and installation of portable in-water Test and Evaluation (T&E) systems.

L3 Oceania T&E systems are capable of:

  • High Speed Asset Tracking (e.g. torpedoes at current operational speeds)
  • Undersea Positioning
  • Vessel Signature measurement and Vulnerability Assessment

L3 Oceania supplies and supports the following maritime T&E Ranges for the RAN:

  • The South Australian Acoustic Range (SAARS)
  • Portable Acoustic Sonobuoy Range (PASOR)
  • Relocatable Multi Influence Measurement Range (RMIMR)
  • The RAN Shallow Water Portable Tracking Range (PTR)

L3 Oceania also provides and supports maritime T&E Ranges for allied navies, namely:

  • The USN Deepwater Portable Acoustic Ranges (PAR and PUTR)
  • Sonar Calibration range for the Royal Navy (STARTR)