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Portable Acoustic Sonobuoy Range (PASOR)

PASOR data sheet
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L3 Oceania develops sophisticated solutions to measure and communicate data through water. The company specialises in applications involving underwater test and evaluation and through-water communications. The Portable Acoustic Sonobuoy Ranging (PASOR) system is based on an application recently provided to one of our customers.

PASOR captures, measures and analyses, in near real time, a vessel’s acoustic signature.

The portability of the PASOR system provides the user with the ability to deploy a measurement range to an area of operational interest. This provides the opportunity to conduct self noise assessments in an operational environment with near real-time analysis for immediate implementation.

The system is able to be deployed from airborne and surface platforms and utilises standard noise measurement buoys as in-water sensors.

PASOR allows the operator to derive broadband and narrowband source level information.


  • Portable

  • Rapidly deployable

  • Vulnerability assessment in the operational environment

  • Acoustic signature measurement through the full parameters of the platform

  • Signature results and a ranging summary are calculated in-situ

  • Near real time analysis of range results

  • Over 8 hours of raw recording capability (limited only by available disk space)