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Acoustic Susceptibility Assessment Command Tool (ASACT)

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ASACT is a submarine acoustic susceptibility calculation and simulation tool designed to assist submarine command decisions. ASACT can assess the potential for own-platform detection by specified threats within a defined acoustic battlespace. ASACT can be used to simulate scenarios for planning or training. The tool can also be used with live data inputs for the dynamic display of current susceptibility.

Numerous signature, threat and environmental data sources are stored and used to accurately simulate a scenario. Threats with differing acoustic detection capabilities may be selected and their parameters adjusted accordingly. Own-platform state, input from the operator or input taken from live data feeds is used to select and process appropriate own-ship signatures from the database. Current environmental conditions and stored oceanographic data is used to create the local noise spectrum.

ASACT compiles all of this information and applies sophisticated propagation modelling to calculate the susceptibility range of the vessel to each threat over a range of bearings.

Both the expected and worst case estimates of susceptibility are graphically displayed on a chart for the user. ASACT also incorporates tools and features for deeper analysis of the calculated assessment. Summary reports may be exported, saved and printed for analysis and distribution to interested parties.

ASACT is being developed under the Round 15 (2010) Capability and Technology Demonstrator (CTD) program for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).


  • Dynamic or offline calculation and display of the susceptibility of own-platform to acoustic detection.

  • Acoustic susceptibility calculations take into account:

    • Signature changes due to platform state

    • Threat and sensor characteristics

    • Environmental and geographic information, including sea state, bathymetry, Sound Velocity Profile (SVP) and seabed type.

  • ASACT incorporates and manages signature, environmental and threat databases

  • ASACT provides various analytical displays of the data used in the calculations