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High Precision Timing Reference (HPTR)
High Precision Timing Reference (HPTR)

HPTR data sheet
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HPTR is a high precision timing reference with low power consumption. It is ideal for accurate timing and navigation applications where access to external timing sources such as GPS is not always possible. The HPTR provides a standard 1 PPS output which is highly stable. Typically, an initial system timing calibration is performed to establish the time offset of the HPTR which is then used to maintain highly accurate timing.

Some applications of HPTR include:

  • Navigation beacons - accurate one-way range measurements using only a passive receiver;
  • Long baseline navigation – accurate range measurements with fewer calibrations and less vessel time;
  • Underwater Unmanned Vehicle (UUV) - fewer resurfacings needed to recalibrate time to GPS;
  • Data loggers and surveillance nodes - time difference errors between nodes greatly reduced.

The HPTR is currently being used for high precision sub-sea positioning in the oil and gas industry and for navigation during Mine Counter Measure (MCM) operations by the Royal Australian Navy.


  • High precision
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • GPS 1Hz self calibration
  • Compact size
  • Competitively priced

Ideal for:

  • Battery powered devices
  • Ocean deployment
  • Navigation timing
  • UTC event time stamping
  • Frequency standard
  • Real time event logging