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Hydro Acoustic Remote Controller (HARC)

HARC data sheet
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Remote control of a wide range of underwater host packages is easily and effectively achieved with the L3 Oceania Hydro Acoustic Remote Controller (HARC). HARC provides reliable remote control of multiple, uniquely addressed underwater devices in support of specific operational scenarios.

HARC consists of two main subsystems, the surface deployed Transmitter system and the Underwater Transceiver system.

The Transmitter equipment is lightweight, portable and designed for ease of deployment and operation from small surface vessels such as a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB). This equipment consists of a Control Unit, a Battery Supply Unit and a Hydroacoustic Dunking Transducer. The intuitive operator interface consists of a single front panel with embedded membrane switches, alphanumeric display and status LED that can be customised to meet specific operator requirements.

The Underwater Transceiver equipment consists of a Digital Signal Processor based hydroacoustic modem with transmit circuitry provided in a miniaturised low power stack, and a small hydrophone designed for installation in and integration with an underwater host package.

HARC has been extensively proven in the field with range reliability in excess of 10 km, subject to environmental conditions. With the addition of Acoustic Repeater Beacons more complex geometries and greater ranges can be achieved.

Future development planned for the HARC system includes a through-air communications option, enabling Radio Frequency (RF) control of the Underwater Transceiver via a Floating Gateway Buoy.


  • Reliable underwater remote control
  • Man portable and rugged surface Transmitter unit
  • Miniature low power embedded Underwater Transceiver unit
  • Selective addressing and control of multiple underwater devices
  • Programmable command set to suit host requirements
  • Flexible interface to underwater host packages
  • Operational ranges in excess of 10 km
  • Status Feedback to surface operator from underwater host package