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Maritime Domain Awareness

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L3 Oceania’s Passive Acoustic Monitoring and Alerting (PAMA) can detect marine mammals at long ranges by listening for their vocalisations. Unaffected by weather and visibility, PAMA extends traditional marine mammal observations for use in rough seas and at night. It utilises acoustic vector sensors to capture the characteristics and the direction of underwater sounds. Real time detection and tracking software isolates whale calls, and locates the positions of the whales.

The L3 Oceania Passive Acoustic Whale Monitoring System (PAWMS) is based on:

  • Core technology derived from proven underwater tracking applications developed by L3 Oceania for the Royal Australian Navy
  • A task specific toolset backed up by service Expertise

L3 Oceania has the technology and operator experience in all areas relating to Passive, utilising acoustic detection technologies with sophisticated noise measurement tools that are capable of performing accurate detection and localisation in real time.