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Maritime Domain Awareness

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Autonomous Underwater Surveillance Sensor Network (AUSSNet)

AUSSNet is a sub-sea sensor network designed for forward deployment in undersea areas of operational significance. AUSSNet can gather, process, store and discreetly transfer undersea surveillance data via satellite and/ or hydro-acoustic telemetry links to Land, Air, Space or Sea assets to enhance situational awareness.

AUSSNet is easily and quickly deployed to provide a persistent undersea surveillance capability for extended periods in any targeted area of operation. The self-contained sensor network is recoverable, reconfigurable and reusable.

Surveillance data is acquired at low frequencies (less than 500 Hz) with the use of acoustic line arrays horizontally deployed on the seabed in the area of interest. This surveillance data is processed for the detection of bearing dependent acoustic events. All acquired surveillance data is recorded to a hard disk which is local to the array. The event data is transferred acoustically from the line arrays (sensor nodes) to a seabed mounted access node. Opportunistically, or at timed intervals, the access node releases a tethered gateway buoy to the sea surface which relays event data to the control and monitoring station.


AUSSNet can be used in littoral operations, such as:

  • Forward-deployed Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

  • Surveillance in choke points

  • Harbour defence

  • Support of Amphibious Landing Operations (ALO)

  • Border surveillance

  • Support of breakout operations

  • Littoral Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)

  • Undersea force protection — home and foreign environments

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)