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Supplier Diversity

It is L3Harris ISR Systems Greenville's standard of conduct and express policy that all dealings with our customers, suppliers, competitors and co-workers will be conducted with the highest level of ethical behavior and in complete compliance with the spirit and the letter of the applicable laws and regulations.

Improper activities, or even the appearance of impropriety, could result in serious consequences to the company and the employees involved in such activities. An employee's adherence to this policy is a significant indicator of the individual's judgment and competence, and will be taken into consideration when evaluating future assignments and promotions. Insensitivity to, or disregard for, the principles set forth in this policy will be grounds for appropriate disciplinary action, including dismissal. No employee shall, on behalf of L3Harris, engage in any conduct that violates any law or is otherwise inconsistent with the highest levels of honesty and integrity.

It is L3Harris’ policy to foster a free and open atmosphere that allows and encourages employees to make inquiries, or to report possible business ethics violations or violations of law, regulations, policies or procedures without fear of retribution or retaliation for making such reports or inquiries.

For more information on L3Harris' policies and guidelines, view the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.