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Viewpoint™ HD
TVES data sheet
L3Harris ISR Systems Greenville offers the latest tactical Full Motion Video technology for complete mission recording & management of video and data from High Definition EO/IR gimbaled sensors. This powerful tactical ISR Mapping and Mission Management software provides industry-leading capabilities including Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) compliant video recording and interfaces, industry-standard or mouse-enabled sensor control and full operational remote control and viewing, anywhere on the IP network. The IP network-based architecture enables rapid configuration, installation and operation.
  • Real time Digital Video (720p/1080p) Viewing / Record / Playback with Digital Video Recorder (DVR) controls

  • On the fly configuration of multiple windows and applications provide critical full spectrum Situational Awareness during no fail missions

  • Industry Standard Map Interfaces including Google Earth and Maplink Pro for design flexibility

  • Runs effortlessly on laptops and tablets with simplified carry-on integration or cockpit SA

  • Controls multiple EO/IR sensors on platform(s) or from one or more Ground Control Stations

  • Generates and accepts metadata to enable critical targeting and SA streaming in real time

  • Full software control of multiple EO/IR sensor systems

  • Intuitive mouse controls reduces training, task to time and operator fatigue

Component Specifications

  • Tactical Digital Video Player

    • DVR control of live, or recorded HD video streams

    • Displays MISP compliant metadata

    • Provides snapshots in NITF 2.1, JPEG, TIF, GeoTIF, and BMP formats

    • Interfaces to Industry Standard Maps including Google Earth, Maplink Pro and others

    • Full Digital Video Player and Simple Video Editor

    • Full EO/IR sensor control through direct user interaction with the video window or standard hand controller

  • Tactical Digital Video Recorder

    • Accepts MISP compliant Transport Stream, MPEG2, MPEG 4 Part 2 and H.264 streams

    • Builds database records of metadata for each video chunk file

    • Provides SQL query interface to recall video data

    • Accepts snapshot files for database cataloging

  • Tactical Target Manager

    • User-definable fields and categories

    • Pre-planned or mission entry of key targets for sensor cueing

    • Map and video display of targets based on selected criteria (e.g., range, priority)

    • Sensor cueing

  • Sensor Control

    • Full control of L3Harris WESCAM and FLIR Systems, Inc. EO/IR sensors

  • KLV 601.4 Transport Stream Encoder

    • Accepts MPEG 2, MPEG 4 Part 2, and H.264 streams with metadata; outputs MISP 5.4 compliant transport stream

  • COT Manager

    • Accepts Cursor-On-Target messages for external target sources