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Electrical Manufacturing Electrical Manufacturing
At AS Greenville, we take pride in fabricating quality products from the inside out.  Precise manufacture and installation of electrical components ensures that quality extends from our people to your projects.
Electromagnetic Effects Testing data sheet Electromagnetic Effects Testing
The electromagnetic effects (EME) group at AS Greenville is currently staffed with eight full time EME engineers, experienced in E3 and TEMPEST design and testing of aircraft units and systems. Certifications include NARTE EMC Engineer and NSA TEMEPST engineer designation.
Electronics Manufacturing Electronics Manufacturing
AS Greenville's services include world-class electronics manufacturing capabilities. We have over 60 years of experience in turning concepts into real-world solutions for the defense industry. Our solutions include electronic, software and mechanical design, circuit board development, prototyping services, assembly, test development, building, service and repair.
Engineering Services Engineering Services
AS Greenville engineering provides cost-effective, integrated engineering solutions and innovative technologies to external and internal customers. Our mission is to provide the highest quality product to our customers while continuously improving our ability to provide superior services.
EW Flight Test Range data sheet FAA Certification of System and Equipment Installations
L3Harris’ Greenville location has performed complex interior and exterior aircraft modifications for more than 65 years.  For the past 35-plus years, the company has partnered with the FAA to perform authorized function on behalf of the FAA as a Designated Alteration Station (DAS) and now as an Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) holder.
EW Flight Test Range data sheet EW Flight Test Range
AS Greenville’s multi-sensor test range is an FAA-approved airspace for flight testing. We specialize in integrating electronic warfare, reconnaissance and communications systems, providing flight testing and training (SIGINT, ELINT/RWR/ECM) and red/grey/blue radar threat simulation from multiple emitters. 
Mechanical Manufacturing Mechanical Manufacturing
Your business requires excellence at every stage of production.  In AS Greenville's mechanical manufacturing area, our employees are trained and equipped with the best tools to fabricate, assemble, process and finish virtually all of the components of your product. 
MSOA data sheet Modeling and Simulation and Operations Analysis (MSOA)
AS Greenville's MSOA team provides products and services for modeling complex data into an abstraction or representation of air and ground platforms, weapons, synthetic environmental conditions for live, virtual or constructive simulations.
Aircraft Paint Facilities data sheet Aircraft Paint Facilities
AS Greenville offers premier services for commercial, government and military aircraft de-painting, as well as interior and exterior painting.  Our hangars are capable of handling virtually any aircraft finishing. Our paint facilities are equipped with environmental controls, modern equipment and fire protection systems.