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1951 - TEMCO Aircraft Corporation
Overhauled 200 C-54 Loadmaster aircraft used in the Berlin airlift. Other aircraft: Constellation, Loadstar, Kadet, Navion, B-50s, KC-97. In 1955, B-29 Superfortress modification included installation of specialized electronic system, starting TEMCO on the road to systems integration.
1961 - Ling-TEMCO-Vought (LTV)
AN/ASD system for KC-135; maintenance and system mod for C-130; special systems and external structural modification (mod) for the C-135; EB-47L mod; Airborne Battlefield Command, Control, and Communication Center for C-130; mods to the EC-121, L-450F, and the Breguet 1150 Atlantic.
1972 - E-Systems
OV-10, C-130 Gunships, militarized version of L450F; KC-97, and commercial contracts on the 707 and 727 USAF TRAP MATS program, U.S. SAM fleet, E-4B, VC-9, C-139, Breguet 1150 Lifetime Extension, HH-60D, Oman Executive Program, C-20 Special Mission, C-18, Drug Interdiction Programs, Combat Talon, USN C9B, FAA Flight Inspection Systems, Sea Sentinel AP-3C, P-3C Sustained Readiness, C-141 Special Operations.
1995 - Raytheon E-Systems
Raytheon Aircraft Integration Systems (AIS) Aircraft mission systems integration and modifications. ASTOR, Peace Pioneer, NASA SOFIA, Big Safari, USN P-3.
2001 - 50th Anniversary
On Sept. 8, 2001, more than 17,000 visitors celebrated the 50th anniversary of Majors Field with an airshow. The airshow included historic and modern military and civilian aircraft, parachute jump teams and a historical hangar, which helped celebrate and highlight the history of the Greenville facility.
2002 - L-3 Communications, Integrated Systems (L-3 IS)
Integrated Systems specializes in the development and integration of complex electronic systems for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions. L-3 Communications is a leading supplier of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) products, secure communications systems and products, avionics and ocean products, training products, microwave components and telemetry, instrumentation, space and wireless products. Its customers include the U.S. Department of Defense, select U.S. government intelligence agencies, aerospace prime contractors and commercial telecommunications and wireless customers.
2011 - L-3 Aerospace Systems Greenville Celebrates 60th Anniversary
In September, 2011 L-3 Aerospace Systems Greenville celebrated its 60th Anniversary in Greenville, Texas. The legacy company, Temco, opened the Greenville facility in 1951, performing routine aircraft maintenance and later installing complex electronic surveillance with the first RB-50E Haystack aircraft in 1955. Since then, we have emerged as a world leader in developing and integrating the technologies that give our nation’s military the edge they need for successful missions. We pay tribute to the men and women of the military and to Hunt County, for making Greenville a great place to call home for over 60 years.
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