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ROV Inspections and Recoveries

L3 MariPro has operated low-cost lightweight Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) since their introduction in the early 1980’s. L3 MariPro’s ROV resources include an enhanced version of Deep Ocean Engineering’s DHD2 equipped with 900 meters of umbilical, a high-resolution sonar, manipulator, USBL (Ultra-Short Baseline) tracking system, low-light cameras, and other peripheral equipment. L3 MariPro also has smaller inspection-only vehicles and has charted vehicles, up to large work class ROVs. Operating experience includes ROV survey and recovery tasks in deep inland lakes, offshore oceanic regions, and arctic environments. Tasks such as recovery of objects in 600 meters of water or carrying of 100-pound payloads have been successfully accomplished.

Phantom ROV cable tracking system SeaBotix LVB 150 B
Installation of ROV Control Van ROV Control Van Station