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Portable ASW Training Ranges

L3 MariPro has developed a portable, long baseline, transponder-based tracking system. The system can be deployed in 3,500 meters of seawater and is capable of tracking multiple assets equipped with acoustic pingers such as vessels, submarines, torpedoes, autonomous vehicles and other exercise participants. The system is scalable, with larger quantities of transponders used to increase range coverage.

Portable ASW Training Range Concept

Our portable acoustic range capability, called the Portable Underwater Training Range (PUTR) was developed to fill an Underwater Training Range (UTR) capability gap to allow forward, in-stride, in-situ training and certification. PUTR represents a spiral development program that started in 2003 with the Portable Acoustic Range (PAR) program. This acoustic ranging system is unique in that it employs the acoustic digital spread spectrum signaling telemetry system to track the assets throughout the exercise. The Portable Underwater Training Range (PUTR) control center can be located on a surface vessel or land. If the control center is on land, the tracking data is transferred through an RF link on the range vessel. The transponder signals are very low power, spread spectrum and at a frequency well above the band of acoustic interest surrounding vessel signatures.

The portable system enables forward-deployed naval units to maintain operational readiness levels in-situ without penalty of long transit times back to the fixed-range locations.

Marine Installation and Recovery Vessel ASW Torpedo
Range Deployment Transponders on Deck Ready for Deployment