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Modular Equipment

L3 MariPro's suite of modular cable deployment equipment consists of:

– Linear Cable Engines (LCE)

– Cable Transporters (Haulers)

– A-Frame Heavy Lift System

– Motion Compensator Unit

– Large Diameter Overboarding Sheaves and Chutes

– Cable Burial Jetting Equipment

– Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Related Support Equipment

– Stern Chutes and Large Diameter Roller Overboard Assembly

– Cable Pans for storage, transport and deployment

– 400 Ton Rotating Cable Pan

– Cable Cribs (Stationary)

– Navigation Van with Complete Suite of Computerized Cable Lay, Navigation and Communication Equipment

– Cable Jointing Van and Equipment

– Large Diameter Cable Quadrant Sheaves

– Diving Support Van, Re-compression Chamber and Equipment

– Cable Gantry, Ramps and Fairleads, and Cable Guide Chutes.

– Cable Laying Support Van and Equipment including Winches, Rigging Hardware and other Deployment Support Hardware

– Shore Landing and Route Clearance Equipment

– Grappling Equipment

– Power Generators

– Hydraulic Power Units