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Fixed Underwater Training Ranges (UTR)

Since the early 1960s L3 MariPro has provided fixed (cabled) Underwater Training Ranges (UTRs), Test and Evaluation (T&E) ranges and Noise and signature measurement ranges for the U.S. and foreign Navies.

Fixed ASW Training Range Concept

Highly reliable undersea range and surveillance systems designed, manufactured and installed by
L3 MariPro, now comprise virtually all of the U.S. Navy's currently operational UTR, T&E and noise and signature measurement ranges. Designed for a 20-year life, many are still operational into their third decade. Range facilities have also been provided to the Royal Australian Navy, Japanese Navy Self Defense Force, Taiwanese Navy and the Republic of South Korea Navy.

These ranges provide the three-dimensional location of multiple underwater assets in real time. Assets, equipped with acoustic pingers may include surface vessels, submarines, torpedoes, autonomous vehicles and other exercise participants. These ASW (anti-submarine warfare) range facilities are used for many purposes, including research, test and evaluation (RDT&E), tactics development, training, weapons proofing and scientific operations.

L3 MariPro has also developed a number of ASW noise measurement ranges for both the U.S. and foreign navies. These ranges typically combine the acoustic tracking and communications capabilities of a tracking range with significant capabilities for the measurement and analysis of radiated noise and signature measurements.

L3 MariPro's at-sea capabilities include range site survey, ocean engineering design, cable and node installation and cable repair and maintenance of all associated systems. L3 MariPro maintains a qualified staff for a wide variety of cable designs and mechanical termination assembly designs. Cables and components that have been jointed include SX, SD, SL, armored, fiber and electro-optic cable, including loose tube and K-tube designs. L3 MariPro also specializes in the jointing of cables of different construction types.

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