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Cabled Ocean Observatories Overview

L3 MariPro is a leading supplier of cabled ocean observatory infrastructure for marine science applications. We have adopted our nearly five decades of experience providing cabled sensor network solutions for naval, surveillance and monitoring applications to the evolving ocean observatory market. To date we have been involved with solutions for the MARS, NEPTUNE Canada and RSN projects.

Cabled Ocean Observatory - Concept Diagram

Cabled ocean observatories are a vast network of ocean observing sensors and mobile robots interconnected by submarine fiber optic cable. The cabled network infrastructure delivers unprecedented levels of power, communications bandwidth and precision timing to the instrumentations that can be remotely accessed and routinely interacted with from a remote network operation center or connected research campus.

The cabled network infrastructure facilitates near-real-time continuous data flow from these subsea sensors to shore. The immense data flow is integrated by a shore-based Network Management System (NMS) and is available to researchers via the internet in near-real-time to researchers, public policy makers, and educational and public engagement programs. This transformative infrastructure provides new tools for discovery-oriented researchers to better study and understand complex ocean processes.

With 70% of the planet covered by oceans, understanding its processes and dynamic behavior will help marine scientists to better understand how it influences climate variability, major fish stocks, ocean circulation, undersea earthquakes, tsunamis, harmful algal blooms, ocean acidification, as well as ocean impacts on land-based ecosystems.

If you are in need of a cabled ocean observatory solution, please contact us for additional information.