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July 19, 2018 L3 MAPPS to Support Terrestrial Energy With Advanced Reactor Technology Development
May 15, 2018 L3 MAPPS to Expand Tihange 1 Simulator for Long Term Operation
February 13, 2018 L3 MAPPS Wins Digital Control Computer System Hardware Replacement
for Bruce Unit 2
February 4, 2018 L3 Collaborates With BAE Systems for SEA5000 Program Pursuit


December 5, 2017 L3 MAPPS to Deliver Two Classroom Simulators to EDF Energy’s Nuclear Power Academy
November 27, 2017 L3 MAPPS Named in APAC CIO Outlook’s List of Top 25 Asia-Pacific Simulation Solution Providers
November 7, 2017 L3 MAPPS Signs Seven-Year Support Agreement for Tihange 1 Full Scope Simulator
October 25, 2017 Upgraded Krško Full Scope Simulator Declared Ready For Training
August 17, 2017 L3 MAPPS to Assist ABB With Simulator Update for Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant
February 28, 2017 L3 MAPPS to Upgrade Eskom's Koeberg Simulators
February 21, 2017 L3 MAPPS to Supply Digital Control Computer System Hardware for Bruce Unit 6, Supporting Life Extension and Continued Low-Cost Nuclear Power
February 16, 2017 L3 MAPPS to Update Ling Ao Phase II Full Scope Simulator With Orchid® and Enhanced Severe Accident Simulation
January 17, 2017 L3 MAPPS to Upgrade EDF Energy’s Dungeness B Simulator
January 5, 2017 L3 MAPPS to Work With INEEL to Modernize the Laguna Verde Simulator


September 27, 2016 L-3 MAPPS Secures Orders to Update the Fermi 2 Simulator
September 21, 2016 L-3 MAPPS Participates in the Tihange 1 Simulator Inauguration Ceremony in Belgium
August 30, 2016 L-3 MAPPS Wins Service Contract for Hongyanhe Phase I Simulator Update
April 12, 2016 L-3 MAPPS to Supply Full Scope CANDU Simulator for Wolsong Unit 1
April 7, 2016 L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Slovenia’s Krško Full Scope Simulator
March 10, 2016 L-3 MAPPS to Contribute to Darlington Refurbishment Project
February 17, 2016 L-3 MAPPS Takes Part in Opening of Upgraded Sizewell B Simulator
January 21, 2016 L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Cernavodă Simulator’s DCC Emulation


December 15, 2015 L-3 to Provide Integrated Platform Management System for UK Type 26
Global Combat Ship
September 17, 2015 L-3 MAPPS to Deliver Severe Accident Simulator to Westinghouse for Project in Japan
September 16, 2015 L-3 MAPPS Awarded the IPMS Implementation Subcontract for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship Project
September 11, 2015 L-3 MAPPS Selected by Chantier Davie Canada and Project Resolve for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Interim Auxiliary Oil Replenishment (iAOR) Provision of Service
July 16, 2015 L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Argentina’s Embalse Full Scope Simulator
June 4, 2015 L-3 MAPPS to Augment South Texas Project Simulators With Severe Accident Simulation
May 13, 2015 L-3 MAPPS to Implement GE’s Main Generator Excitation System
on the Cernavodă Simulator


November 18, 2014 L-3 MAPPS Participates in Opening of Upgraded Heysham 1 Simulator
October 28, 2014 L-3 MAPPS to Replace St. Lucie Plant Simulator I/O System
September 16, 2014 L-3 MAPPS to Enhance U.K.’s Sizewell B Simulator and Launch Additional Training Media
August 21, 2014 L-3 MAPPS to Furnish FPL's St. Lucie Plant with Unit 1 Part-Task Trainer
August 14, 2014 L-3 MAPPS to Update Ling Ao and Ling Ao Phase II Reactor Core Models
June 12, 2014 L-3 MAPPS to Perform Full Scope Upgrade on PPL’s Susquehanna Simulator
March 27, 2014 L-3 MAPPS Selected to Design the Integrated Platform Management System for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship Project
January 9, 2014 L-3 MAPPS to Replace Daya Bay Simulator I/O System


December 10, 2013 L-3 MAPPS Wins Tihange 1 Full Scope Simulator Project
September 12, 2013 L-3 MAPPS Successfully Completes Major Projects for Eskom’s Koeberg Power Station
in South Africa
August 27, 2013 L-3 MAPPS Takes On Multiple St. Lucie Plant Simulator Updates
May 28, 2013 L-3 MAPPS to Support Candu Energy's EC6® Power Plant Development with
Simulator and Services
May 6, 2013 L-3 MAPPS to Introduce MAAP5 Severe Accident Simulation on
Ling Ao Phase II Simulator
April 25, 2013 L-3 MAPPS Full Scope Simulator for Embalse Is Ready for Training
February 12, 2013 L-3 MAPPS' Power Systems and Simulation Business Celebrates 40 Years of Leadership


October 2, 2012 L-3 MAPPS to Develop Human Factors Simulator for INL Research Program
May 14, 2012 L-3 MAPPS to Simulate Major Beznau Nuclear Power Plant Updates
March 28, 2012 L-3 MAPPS Secures Important Simulator Upgrade Project in California
March 6, 2012 L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade the Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant Simulator
January 27, 2012 L-3 MAPPS Human Factors Simulator Delivered to the Center for Advanced Engineering and Research


December 14, 2011 L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Pilgrim Simulator and Provide New Classroom Simulator
November 22, 2011 L-3 MAPPS to Deliver Orchid® Touch Interface Classroom Simulators to South Texas Project
October 31, 2011 World’s First EPR™ Full Scope Simulator in Use for Operator Training Exercises at Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 Nuclear Power Plant
October 5, 2011 L-3 MAPPS Awarded Contract for Degaussing Systems Onboard Royal Canadian Navy KINGSTON-Class Vessels
September 7, 2011 L-3 MAPPS and Offshore Systems Limited Team for Royal Canadian Navy Programs
July 20, 2011 L-3 MAPPS Attains Major Milestone on Ling Ao Phase II Simulator Project
July 11, 2011 L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Callaway Simulator with Alternate Emergency Power System Models
May 2, 2011 L-3 MAPPS to Add Value to Embalse Refurbishment with Digital Control Computer Systems
April 7, 2011 L-3 MAPPS Deploys CPR1000+ New Build Simulators for the Hongyanhe Site


November 8, 2010 L-3 MAPPS’ Orchid® Technology to Be Installed on Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant Simulator
August 11, 2010 L-3 MAPPS to Further Enhance Simulator for the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety
August 3, 2010 L-3 MAPPS Awarded Embalse Full Scope Simulator Project
June 7, 2010 L-3 MAPPS to Support AmerenUE with Callaway Plant’s Integrated Control System Upgrade
January 27, 2010

L-3 MAPPS to Update Beznau Full Scope Simulator with Orchid®


December 7, 2009

L-3 MAPPS to Provide Second Simulator for Eskom’s Koeberg Station

November 2, 2009 L-3 MAPPS DCS-controlled Simulators for Ling Ao Phase II New Build in Service
August 17, 2009 L-3 MAPPS Receives Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award
August 4, 2009 L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Brazil’s Angra 2 Simulator
July 27, 2009 L-3 MAPPS Contributes to Life Extension of Gentilly-2 Plant Computers
June 30, 2009 L-3 MAPPS to Build Second Simulator for China’s Hongyanhe Site
June 5, 2009 L-3 MAPPS Recognized by AREVA as Key Supplier
May 6, 2009 L-3 MAPPS to Supply AREVA with Flamanville 3 EPR™ Engineering Simulator
April 6, 2009 L-3 MAPPS to Replace Cernavoda’s DCC Computers and Provide Desktop Simulator
April 2, 2009 L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Hydro-Québec’s Gentilly-2 Simulator
February 20, 2009 L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Callaway Plant Simulator with Orchid®
January 19, 2009 L-3 MAPPS to Replace New Brunswick Power's Point Lepreau DCC Computers
January 8, 2009 L-3 Awarded C$73 Million for Canadian Halifax Class Frigate Upgrade
January 5, 2009 L-3 MAPPS to Overhaul Eskom's Koeberg Simulator


October 9, 2008 L-3 MAPPS to Furnish AREVA Test Facility with EPR Engineering Simulator
October 7, 2008 L-3 MAPPS to Deliver New Reactor Model for South Texas Project Simulator
October 6, 2008 L-3 to Provide IPMS For UK CVF Carrier Project
June 25 , 2008 L-3 MAPPS to Provide Software Upgrade for IRSN Simulator
May 19 , 2008 L-3 MAPPS to Modify Koeberg Simulator Software Architecture
April 2 , 2008 L-3 MAPPS to Provide Engineering Support on Space Robotics Simulator
January 29 , 2008 L-3 MAPPS to Integrate Cathare on AREVA Simulators


December 20, 2007 L-3 MAPPS to Provide Orchid® Reactor Model for Callaway Simulator
November 8 , 2007 L-3 MAPPS to Develop Gas-Cooled Reactor Models for British Energy
November 7 , 2007 L-3 MAPPS Lands Two Simulator DCS Implementation Orders
August 7, 2007 L-3 MAPPS Wins Hongyanhe Phase I Simulator Project
July 9, 2007 L-3 MAPPS Introduces Orchid® Family of Software Products
May 24, 2007 L-3 MAPPS to Deliver 13th Control System to Korean Navy
April 4 , 2007 Beznau Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Successfully Completed
March 28, 2007 Hartlepool Simulator Taken Over by British Energy
March 12, 2007 L-3 MAPPS to Modernize Korea's Wolsong Simulator


October 18, 2006 L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Canadian Space Agency Robotics Training Facility
October 10, 2006 L-3 MAPPS Solidifies Position as Key DCC Supplier For OPG
October 2, 2006 Peter Dawson Appointed President of L-3 MAPPS
September 8, 2006 Refurbished Fort Calhoun Simulator Declared Ready For Training
August 21, 2006 Early Adopters of L-3 MAPPS Simulators Return for Upgrades
July 5, 2006 SONGS Simulator to be Pilot Site for L-3 MAPPS' New Reactor Model
May 31, 2006 L-3 MAPPS Recognized for Contribution to International Space Station
May 3, 2006 L-3 MAPPS Certified to ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Standard
February 7, 2006 L-3 MAPPS to Develop Prototype Plant Computer for CANDU Owners


December 15, 2005 L-3 MAPPS to Build Ling Ao Phase II Full-Scale Simulator
August 8, 2005 L-3 MAPPS to Develop GT Simulator for Slovenia's Termoelektrarna Brestanica
July 28, 2005 L-3 MAPPS Receives Unprecedented Simulator Order for Finland's European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR) Project
July 20, 2005 L-3 MAPPS Secures Follow-On Order to Upgrade Nuclear Power Station Simulator in North Carolina
May 16, 2005 L-3 MAPPS Signs Significant Power Plant Simulator Upgrade Deal with China's Guangdong Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company
February 7, 2005 L-3 Communications Completes Acquisition of CAE's Marine Controls






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