Orchid® Touch Interface

Extending The Benefits Of Classroom training

Simulator users have already invested in their high fidelity simulators with L3 MAPPS virtual panels which run on the instructor station and which are also available in student mode. Take it a step further with Orchid® Touch Interface (Orchid® TI). Offload the demands on your full scope simulator by reusing the exact simulation software and virtual panels without a significant investment. With new and improved large touch screen technology, L3 MAPPS now brings classroom training to another level with Orchid® TI.

Hardware Configuration

Orchid® TI takes L3 MAPPS' control and auxiliary room panel displays to a new level of realism. High fidelity panel graphics are displayed on large touch screen monitors with 1080p (full HD) resolution. The monitors are mounted on frames and can be arranged in many different configurations to mimic different control rooms. Orchid® TI can be used on one bay of large touch screens capable of displaying all panels of the control room or several monitor bays configured differently to replicate different control room layouts.

Use one bay of large touch screen monitors or reproduce the entire control room with multiple monitor bays.

The top monitor of three-monitor bay articulates allowing passage through a standard 32" x 84" doorframe. Each bay is mounted on swivel casters for easy manoeuvring from one room to another. Levelling pads are also provided in each bay to fix them in place once they are rolled into their final destination.

A two-monitor version is also available for desk operations.

Orchid® TI Screenshot

User Interface

Orchid® TI's touch screen interface allows students to operate the panel graphics manually and obtain life-like visual and audible real-time responses.

To keep training as realistic as possible, the popular panning and zooming of the soft panels in the instructor station are disabled for Orchid® TI, providing individual students and teams the opportunity to know the actual location and orientation of panel devices that are vital to operating your plant. Navigation can be performed from one panel to another without the risk of having an unrealistic layout of panel devices.

In an environment where all panels are not visible at the same time, off-view annunciators can be missed, creating a gap in training. With Orchid® TI, any time an off-screen alarm actuates (annunciators located on panels in an area that the learner is not presently looking at), an indicator appears to warn the student. With a simple touch of that same indicator, an overview of the control room is displayed, indicating which panel is in alarm. From that same interface, the student can then navigate to it quickly.


  • Full scale control room training environment at a fraction of the cost of your full scope simulator, capitalizing on the investment you have already made.
  • Life-like training environment to augment your current full scope simulator environment, for both individual and team training.
  • Offload your full scope simulator by using a device that fits the needs of young learners
  • L3 MAPPS' client-server architecture guarantees realistic response times for all virtual panels, whether the simulated plant is in normal conditions or a severe transient is being experienced.
  • Take full advantage of the powerful instructor station capabilities you already have through Orchid® Instructor Station with Orchid® Touch Interface


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