Orchid® Simulator Executive

Intuitive and Comprehensive Real-Time Simulator Executive

Orchid® Simulator Executive (Orchid® SE) performs the real-time scheduling of the simulation. The simulation modules (or programs) are scheduled for execution by a simulation dispatcher. Dispatchers are organized by synchronous and asynchronous types, whereby the synchronous tasks are assigned a higher real-time priority than the asynchronous tasks, which are not time critical.

Orchid® SE supports multiprocessor multi-core computers, allowing simulations to run in a balanced fashion across all available CPUs. The executive ensures that the task for each processor is synchronized with the master task to ensure real-time execution.

Orchid® SE integrates performance reporting at the task, frame, or individual module level, and the information is readily displayed on-screen. Each process, band, leg, or module can be unlinked and relinked to the executive through the graphical user interface, allowing the user to perform debugging tests. Each module can also be dragged and dropped into different bands through the same interface, enabling the user to better balance the usage of the different processors.

Orchid® SE also manages the speed of the simulation, allowing overall simulation speed-up and slowdown, and even features a “free-run” mode, allowing the simulator to run as fast as possible. Orchid® SE detects frame overruns and provides error exception handling. Runtime error messages which are generated by the underlying third party compilers (underflow, overflow, floating point exception, array out of bounds, etc.) are indicated in a log window by type of error along with additional information allowing the user to diagnose the issue. This information is stored in a file for post-analysis and debugging.

Orchid SE Screenshot


  • Graphical user interface
  • Runtime for easy simulator oversight
  • Quickly generate timing and logging reports
  • Real-time debugging by unlinking and relinking modules on the fly
  • On-screen timing information
  • Extensive timing and utilization reports
  • Timing histograms exported to Excel


  • Offers on the fly maintenance features
  • Cuts down on effort involved in debugging timing and module order issues
  • Improved access to dispatcher information
  • Integrates timing and reporting capabilities into a single application
  • Provides comprehensive error reporting and debugging capabilities for quick problem resolution


Naval vessel control systems, land-based and on-board simulators and turnkey training solutions.


Real-time power plant simulators and simulator modernization for all plant types and CANDU plant computer systems.


Real-time simulators for robotic systems and satellites to support simulation-based design and operations / maintenance training.