Orchid® Multimedia Manager

Effective Training Session Monitoring and Debriefing

Orchid® Multimedia Manager is part of L3 MAPPS' Orchid® product suite used for audiovisual recording and playback of simulator training sessions. Linked to a simulator control room’s cameras and microphones, Orchid® Multimedia Manager replaces traditional audio-visual recording systems by recording real-time audio and video directly onto a PC-based platform.

Designed to be integrated with any L3 MAPPS simulation or as a plug-in for other simulator platforms, recording and playback are synchronized to the instructor station’s run/freeze and record and replay functions, and enable the user to replay the various video and audio feeds in sync with the simulation playback.

Orchid MM Screenshot

A powerful tool for training session debriefing, Orchid® MM provides instructors the ability to synchronously replay both simulation and recorded video/audio. During debriefings, the instructor can select a backtrack point from Orchid® Instructor Station and replay the entire simulation, while the recorded control room environment footage is played back synchronously.

Orchid® Multimedia Manager operates in two different modes, synchronized or stand-alone:

Synchronized Mode: Orchid® Multimedia Manager operates in step with the simulation and receives all backtrack, store and restore commands. The instructor can insert manual time markers by simply clicking the marker button within Orchid® Instructor Station. Markers are displayed on Orchid® Multimedia Manager’s progress bar, which also displays all replay points.

Stand-Alone Mode: Orchid® Multimedia Manager is manually controlled by the instructor for recording and playback. Once the sessions have been recorded, Orchid® Multimedia Manager can be used to replay the various sessions on a separate computer, typically for debrief sessions.

Orchid® Multimedia Manager typically runs on a dedicated PC connected to the simulator network and is displayed on one or more large monitor(s) located in the instructor facility.

Orchid MM Screenshot


  • Orchid® Multimedia Manager can easily be connected to an L3 MAPPS simulator or a third-party simulator
  • Support for analog and IP cameras (most of the commercially available A/V equipment)
  • Supports up to ten (10) video channels and ten (10) audio channels
  • Orchid® Multimedia Manager can be time-synchronized with the simulator and support synchronized A/V playbacks
  • Insertion and display of markers used for post-analysis either directly from the Orchid® Multimedia Manager UI, through a simulator database variable which can be mapped to a hardware button or through an instructor station soft button
  • Recording and playback of a selectable set of fifty (50) simulator parameters (e.g. reactor power, levels, flows, etc.) directly inside the Orchid® Multimedia Manager UI to facilitate comprehensive debriefing in Stand-Alone Mode
  • IP camera controls integrated directly into the Orchid® Multimedia Manager
  • Stores files using an industry-standard AVI format which can be replayed using any standard video software program
  • Video recording and playback of computer screens (plant computers and DCS pages)
  • Preview of all cameras to allow the monitoring and playback of all cameras at all times
  • Recording of audio from different microphones separately so that they can be controlled individually during playback
  • Provision of audio output during real-time monitoring
  • Direct connection to hardware I/O for “on air” indication in the main control room


  • Facilitates the implementation of the U.S. NRC recommendations regarding the video and audio recording (NUREG-1021, Rev. 10)
  • Fully synchronized with the simulation functions, such as freeze, run, restore, store backtrack, replay, etc. (no need for manual intervention to start and stop the recording)
  • Preview and/or playback available on any computer linked to the simulator network (instructor booth, debriefing room, etc.) with direct access to the recorded A/V
  • Debriefing capability outside the simulator network by using the Orchid® Multimedia Manager client (or any commercial video viewer) from external media (flash disk or media device)
  • Flexible architecture supporting analog and/or IP cameras and microphones


Naval vessel control systems, land-based and on-board simulators and turnkey training solutions.


Real-time power plant simulators and simulator modernization for all plant types and CANDU plant computer systems.


Real-time simulators for robotic systems and satellites to support simulation-based design and operations / maintenance training.