Incredibly Accurate 3D Immersion

Disruptive display technology for full 3D immersion in Headset-free Environment

Orchid® IX uses “Reflected Reality” to offer the most realistic fully immersive display technology available today. The dome environment offers a 280-degree field of view with an unmatched richness and depth of detail to allow viewers to experience virtual worlds as they would in real life (everyone that enters is immersed in the same environment).

Orchid IX Immersive Theater

  • Reflected Reality: Uses purpose-built mirrors to deliver the most realistic VR interaction available anywhere
  • Truly Immersive: True shared VR (no head-mounted devices needed), but easily complementary to existing VR solutions
  • Incredible Visualization: Unique immersive environment enables professionals working with high value 3D content to leverage the full potential of their data
  • Innovative Technology: Full immersion with true depth perception and 3D sound
  • Performing actions on complex equipment
  • Conceptualizing and designing New Builds, SMRs
  • Plant walkthroughs
  • Planning ship modernizations
  • Planning plant outages
  • Training: Enhancing sailor/worker knowledge and team interactions
  • Security Operations Centers
  • Command Centers
  • Emergency planning
  • Decommissioning end-of-life ships/plants
  • High impact visitor centers/public awareness
  • Deep Geologic Repository planning
Potential Users
  • Ship Designers and Builders
  • Architects
  • Planners
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Owners/Operators of naval and commercial vessels
  • Owners/Operators of power plants
  • Innovation Centers
  • Training Centers
  • Other interested stakeholders
  • Eliminates the Vergence-Accomodation Conflict
  • No motion sickness
  • Providing a large viewing area for multiple users
  • Leveraging existing 3D information/assets

Three Formats
Immersive Workstation
Immersive Workstation

• Supports up to 2 users
• 4.8 m (16 ft) diameter
• 315 degrees horizontal field of view
• 17,920 X 1,600 (near-retinal resolution)

Immersive Theater
Immersive Theater

• Supports up to 6 users
• 6.8 m (22 ft) diameter
• 280 degrees horizontal field of view
• 17,920 X 1,600 (near-retinal resolution)

Immersive Auditorium
Immersive Auditorium

• Supports up to 15 users
• 8.4 m (27 ft) diameter
• 280 degrees horizontal field of view
• 17,920 X 1,600 (near-retinal resolution)

3D Content

Whether we convert data you already have (CAD files, 3D models, Building Information Modeling (BIM) content, etc.) or whether we efficiently develop the 3D world for you, you are sure to experience full 3D immersion in the virtual world like never before.

The 3D world is fully interactive, complete with flyovers, walkthroughs, realistic access to high-risk or hazardous areas, dynamic links to plant engineering documents and even connection to your full scope operator training simulator.

See for yourself

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Naval vessel control systems, land-based and on-board simulators and turnkey training solutions.


Real-time power plant simulators and simulator modernization for all plant types and CANDU plant computer systems.


Real-time simulators for robotic systems and satellites to support simulation-based design and operations / maintenance training.